Track dan Topics Bidang Komputer

Berikut ini adalah Tracks dan Topics Bidang Komputer yang saya kutip dari laman ICIC 2016, sebuah konferensi Internasional yang digagas oleh APTIKOM bertempat di Mataram.

Silakan disimak

Computer Engineering and Computer Systems
Wireless and Sensor Devices
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Virtual Reality and Visualization
Biomedical Informatics and Computation
Information and Its Technical Education
Computer Architecture
Parallel and Distributing Computing
High-Performance Computing
Autonomic and Trusted Computing
Routing and Internetworking
Wireless Sensor Network
Embedded system
Real time Design
Internet of Things

Computer Science/Informatics
Data Compression
Image Processing
Network Security and Cryptography
Mobile Computing
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Machine Translation
Computer Security
Computer vision
Pervasive computing
Ubiquitous Computing
Context Aware Computing
Cloud computing
Maritime Informatics

Information Systems, Information Technology and Information Management
IS Strategy, Governance, and Sourcing
Human Computer Interaction
Economics and Value of IS and Information System in Accounting
e-Commerse and m-Commerce
Crowdsourcing and Information Retrieval (Big Data)
ICT in Education
Managing IS Projects and IS Development
Advancing Theories and Theorizing in IS Research
Business Analytics and Decision Support
Digital Health Initiatives
Diversity and Inclusion in the IT Workforce
Information Systems as a Global Gateway
Information Systems in Developing Countries: Making a World of a Difference
IS Adoption and Diffusion
IT Governance and Business-IT Alignment
Managing Organizational and IS/IT Competencies in the Enterprise Systems Environment
Methods, Tools and Human Factors in IS/IT Management
Social Media in Business and Society
Value-Based ICT Innovation and Sustainably Digital

Software Engineering
Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
Dependability and Reliability
Ontology Web and Knowledge Management
Maintenance and Reverse Engineering
Formal Methods and Theories
Applications and Tools
Verification, Validation, Testing, and Analysis
Component Based Development and Reuse
Service Oriented Computing
Modern Development Methods
Global Software Engineering Projects
Application Tuning for performance
Mobile Social Media
Industry-Academia Collaboration
Entrepreneurship and Software Business

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Seorang Muslimah, Dosen, Penulis Buku, Author/Reviewer Artikel // Tertarik pada bidang teknologi dan pendidikan // Orangeious.

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